Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vigil in New Brunswick occurs for the people of Gaza

Two days of bombing conducted by the Israeli Airforce against the people of Gaza have resulted in nearly 300 dead and hundreds more wounded. They come on top of the news that the IDF is mobilizing thousands of troops for an invasion of Gaza. Responding to calls of organized reaction to these terrible actions, JATO members helped organize an impromptu vigil in New Brunswick. Responses were nearly all positive with many smiling and beeping their horns. Only one or two people seemed to disagree with the message by yelling "Kill them all!!!" out of their car. This reaction only further demonstrated the rationale behind the protest to begin with. Keep up the fight everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

JATO member speaks at Highland Park Coffeehouse

Marc's Place, a monthly coffeehouse of Music, poetry and discussion will next be held:
Saturday, October 25, at 8 PM
Reformed Church, 19-21 So. 2nd Ave., Highland Park
Discussion: The Occupation of Palestine: Is a Just and Viable Solution Possible?
Speakers: Ian Chinich, Co-founder of Jews Against the Occupation -- Central Jersey
Sumia Ibrahim, Recently spent 3 months in Palestine studying and volunteering at the
Jalazone Refugee Camp in Ni'lin and with Stop the Wall Campaign
Poetry by: Sam Friedman, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War
Come for the food and performances . . . stay for the conversation
Admission free, but donations gratefully accepted
Sponsored by the Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War:
For questions, call Dorothy at 732-235-1444

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Letter to Congressman Pallone by JATO

Dear Congressman Pallone,
We ask that you introduce a resolution in Congress condemning the unprovoked attack by the Israeli forces on an internationally known Palestinian photo-journalist, Mohammed Omer.

Mr. Omer, correspondent for the InterPress Service, was strip-searched at gunpoint, assaulted and abused by Israeli security officials at the Allenby border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank on June 26. Omer, a resident of Gaza, was returning home from London where he had received the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism.

As you know, Congressman, Israel controls the borders of Gaza and severely restricts movement. Omer had received Israeli permission to re-enter Gaza. However, according to Omer, Israeli security officials interrogated him, pointed an M16 gun at his face then forcibly removed all of his clothing. Then officials pinned him to the floor and searched every cavity of his body. He began vomiting and fainted. He was then dragged on the floor with his head banging on the ground. He woke up in a Palestinian hospital, where he is now, recovering from the assault.

His treatment is not unusual for Palestinians at border-crossings. Unfortunately, it is typical.

Since the U.S. supports Israel militarily, financially, and morally, we would like the U.S. Congress to take a stand against Israel's brutalization of this citizen and journalist. Actions such as these go against the spirit of peace and since the United States government has stated its support for a peaceful solution to the conflict, it is imperative that the US's ally not derail the peace process by brutalizing civilians.


Jews Against the Occupation- Central NJ

Rutgers Against the War

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Meeting to Take Place Soon

The first Central Jersey JATO meeting will take place soon in Highland Park. The meeting will be designed to come up with a platform and to talk about the short term and long term goals of the organization. If you are interested in attending, please email

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dershowitz Welcomed by Protests at Rutgers University

(from 2 weeks ago)

A group of protesters gathered on May 8 in front of the Rutgers University auditorium where Alan Dershowitz was scheduled to speak. He was invited to Rutgers to deliver the key note for the celebration of Israel's 60th anniversary. The protesters, many of whom were involved in Rutgers Against the War/ Campus Antiwar Network, held signs such as "Jews Against the Occupation", "Settlements = Ethnic Cleansing", and "End Israeli Apartheid". Several of the attendees took literature, but many were hostile. After one Jewish protester tried to hand literature to an attendee, the attendee threatened to spit in his face. Likewise, one of the Palestinian protesters encountered racist comments; a woman referred to Palestinians as "those damn Arabs."

The highlight of the night was when Dershowitz came out to speak to the protesters. He approached with the police watching and said "Its good you are bringing up the Nakbah because I am going to mention it in my speech. The Nakbah is a self inflicted wound!" Dershowitz then refused to respond to incredulous replies. When asked about his statements supporting torture he offered, "I dont support torture. I believe the government should get a warrant first." He then started to walk away. One of the protesters replied, "Should they get a permit before they bomb Palestinian villages?"

Though many of the attendees were old enough to remember the establishment of the state of Israel, they could not ignore the growing size of university-based protests against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the involvement of an increasing number of supportive American Jews.