Thursday, April 16, 2009

JATO Protests the head of the Israeli Supreme Court at Princeton University

Tonight, we gathered several people at Princeton University to protest at a speech of the head of the Israeli supreme court. The crowd who attended the actual event was mostly of an older age and for the most part the people entering and leaving refrained from confrontational behavior with the protesters. We made clear that the occupation was illegal and that as Jews we were taking a stand against the wall, the settlements, and the seizure of palestinian land.

Highlights include a conversation with one of the judge's security team who addressed one of us by name and proceeded to have a conversation in hebrew to ask why the JATO membe "changed sides"....Another member questioned him "do you also know my torah portion at my bar mitzvah?"... to which we began chuckling.

The event was planned at being a way of whitewashing the occupation, but JATO will continue to show up and voice our demands for justice for the Palestinian people.


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Anonymous said...

Since when is there an entity called Palestinian, let alone that entity's land?